Ideally located in the English Midlands we in a prime position to deliver our adaptable and cutting edge services to projects throughout England and Wales saving time and costs over traditional ground-based surveying techniques.


•Civil Engineering Projects
•Conservation Surveys
•Coastal Surveys
•Archaeological Site Recording
•Historic Building Surveys
•Flood Risk modelling
•3D Modelling


•Rapid Deployment
•Accuracy up to 5cm.
•Fast data collection and processing
•Minimal disturbance if surveying sensitive areas
•New insight
•Low noise
•Low impact

Georeferenced Orthophotos

Georeferenced orthophotos are ideal for giving an overview of the dimensions a plot of land or an entire estate. Very similar in look to a plan view photograph orthophoto’s are further processed using coordinate data collected during the UAV flight to create a to scale aerial photographs typically accurate up 5cm.

Oblique Photographs

These types of photographs are ideal for giving an overview of the landscape in which your project sits such as highlighting nearby infrastructure, neighbouring property or access routes. Blended together oblique photographs are also ideal for the creation of panoramic reports for the sighting of mobile communication masts for the communications industry.

Digital Terrian Models

Again taking aerial photographs vertically we are able to create digital elevation models that highlight the change in ground height as a colour coded map. The model is also useful for identifying features within the terrain easily. Once the models have been created they can be outputted in a variety of file types.

3D Terrain Modelling

3D models can be created for a variety of purposes from models of buildings or close up of specific areas to models showing the lay of the land such as any ground features for an archaeological investigation to larger models useful for volumetric surveys or flood modelling.