Remote Aerial Inspection Services

We can offer advanced preventative maintenance services through the use of photographic and video-based surveys of buildings, towers, bridges and other structures.  Using a UAV fitted with HD video, high resolution still camera or thermal imaging devices, we can provide detailed reports on aspects such as structural integrity, water ingress, paint finish, stonework condition. 

A drone survey of a flare stack
A flare tip inspection at an oil refinery

Typically, Dataq Technologies survey structures annually and provide a detailed report on elements that are crucial to our clients.  This could include the onset of rust, flaking of paint or the early stages of cracks emerging in structures ranging from cooling towers to tower blocks.  This pro-active approach ensures that clients have the opportunity to undertake preventative measures rather than remedial, allowing for significant cost savings.

From commercial structures such as mobile phone masts to high altitude images of listed buildings to close ups of specific areas such as corrosion on electricity towers; we can obtain detailed images from almost any angle and height.

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