Drone view of a roof survey

A recent project was to carry out a drone roof survey for a school in Edgbaston, Birmingham. The school building’s manager had noticed that one of the chimney stacks on the roof was beginning to lean and he wanted to investigate further. 

Drone Survey image of a cracked chimney concrete
Cracking around the chimney pots, was letting in water destablising the chimney stack.

The aim of the project was to provide a roof survey of close up photographs and video of the suspected damage to the chimney stack and also to inspect the rest of the school building roofs with a stills photography and video.

As with every job that we do we create a very detailed method statement to ensure that all eventualities are planned for in advance of doing the work, this site was bordered on two sides by a busy road and also because the matter was considered urgent the school was open at that time.

To counter act these issues the children were inside when the work was carried out apart from when some classes were allowed out to watch from the a safe distance. Also, it was made sure that the drone did not fly over the roads bordered the site.

The roofs themselves had several small chimneys and a dovecote to negotiate which was quite challenging, but we have lots of experience of flying in close to objects and keeping our drone under firm control.

At the end of the survey, we were able to go through photos and video we created whilst still on site to show the building’s manager what we had found. Most of the roofs were in perfect condition but with the suspect chimney, it could be seen that the concrete had cracked at the top of the structure allowing water to get in.

Back at the office we sorted out the images into a set and also edited the videos into easy to manage clips before sharing these with the school via a digital download and on a USB stick sent in the post.



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