Virtual Tours, Aerial Photography and Surveys

Dataq Technologies Ltd a specialist photography company based in Warwickshire in the West Midlands.  We were one of the first companies to fly commercially in 2010 then gaining a license when it became law in 2011.  We are also expert in Drone surveys, Drone Inspection Surveys, Aerial photography, Time Lapse Photography and 360 Virtual Tours.

Our aim is to deliver a first class service that is professional, high quality, cost-effective and delivered in a timely manner.

Virtual Tour at Ardencote Manor

Virtual Tours

Truly interactive virtual tours that incorporate interesting angles, videos, sounds, still images and text our aim is to create tours that show off your project in a unique way to captivate your clients to find out more.

Canary Wharf July 2013

Aerial Photography & Aerial Video Services

Using our unmanned aerial vehicle or drone as they are more popularly called we can create photography and video sequences at a lower cost than hiring a helicopter or crane. We can provide crisp clarify digital images or stable video footage up to 2.7 K resolution.

Time Lapse Photography of Tollbar Junction Coventry

Time Lapse Photography

We offer short, medium and long-term time-lapse photography and video time-lapse services. Whether your project is a small-scale or large-scale development we can deploy a range of solutions to fit your brief and budget.

Remote Survey of a School Roof

Drone Inspection Surveys

Advanced preventative maintenance services through the use of photographic and video-based surveys of buildings, towers, bridges and other structures.

Land Survey of archaeological Site

Land Surveys

Ideally located in the English Midlands we in a prime position to deliver our adaptable and cutting edge services to projects throughout England and Wales saving time and costs over traditional ground-based surveying techniques.