Virtual Tour at Ardencote Manor

We have created a new type of Interactive Golf Course Virtual Tour virtual tour that seamlessly uses video footage and 360 stills photography. To give the user a complete overview of the golf course, video fly-throughs and visualisation of each tee and green in 360 views.

Our Approach to Golf Course Virtual Tour

The tour is a hybrid between a traditional 360 virtual tour using stills photography and a video tour.

With the addition of video footage, we have created a golf balls-eye view video fly-through of each fairway from the tee to the green. These videos allow the user to visualise the golf balls trajectory from the tee through to the green. In each video the camera starts low then rises up to a low altitude to hug the fairway passing close to trees to end on the next green. The videos can be paused or rerun to get a firm feel for length and obstacles of each fairway. Additionally, the client the Ardencote in Warwickshire requested the video be speeded up to further imitate the speed of a flying golf ball.

An Easy to use Golf Course Virtual Tour

Using our video-enabled drone we were able to take the overview image. This acts as a course map for the user to navigate through the tour. From this high vantage point, the user can see where each fairway is and where all the tees and greens are located. In this instance, it also shows the extent of the hotel grounds and buildings which can be useful for navigation the hotel in general not just from a golfing perspective.

Moving down to tee level the user has a complete 360 view of the tee, to establish the lay of the land for when they come to visit the course in real life.

The camera can be panned in any direction from a central viewpoint. Also at this point, the user can press the video button to watch the balls-eye view up to the new green or click straight through to the green or using the course map button return to the overview image of the entire course.

Golf Course Virtual Tour

360 degree view of green

This golf course virtual tour has been designed to be easy to use and understand be using the course overview image as the menu for the user to navigate between holes or to simply fly down to course level. Once inside the tour, the user can move through the entire course that way. If the user wishes to fly go back they simply need to press the course map button.

Hire us to Create Your Own Golf Course Virtual Tour

If you are interested in hiring us to create a golf course virtual tour of your golf course please use the contact us page for a quote. We are based in Warwick in the West Midlands which is centrally located to easily travel anywhere in the country.

We offer a complete quote including travel and up to three revisions to get the perfect tour the suit your needs. Our aim is to capture the videos and still images on only the very best weather to ensure that your business looks its best.

Once the initial image capture is complete we will send a first draft of the tour via a secure server from where you can review progress and suggest changes to the design.

GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image


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